Encounter extraordinary future fashion and experience new technologies used in interactive wearables and augmented reality as you celebrate the finale of Vivid Sydney from the MCA rooftop with sARTorial.


89 3D printed, flexible panels

5 Individual LED

2 El wire - 2 meters each

2 sets of 2 AA batteries

3 cr2032 batteries

1 Fairy lights from Bunnings

1 Battery pack

1 Beetle (Arduino Leonardo compatible)

1 Ultrasonic proximity sensor


3D printed flexible plastic panels with an underskirt. EL wires with standard controller and batteries.


There is a small circuit that measures distance via an ultrasonic proximity sensor and sets the lights based on the distance.

The ultrasonic proximity sensor is HRLV-MaxSonar-EZ4, the controller is Beetle (Arduino Leonardo compatible) and the LEDs are cheap battery operated LEDs from Bunnings. Powered from a USB battery pack.

Cufflinks / Tie

Standallone LEDs.